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Medical Debt Reimbursement

Revenue Cycle Management and Claims Processing

Hospital Solutions, Inc. (HSI) has provided revenue cycle solutions and other healthcare debt collection services to hospitals throughout the United States since 1996. We provide the most efficient revenue cycle solutions and management, in part because of our team approach. Our Healthcare Reimbursement Services are successful because our background is one of many talented individuals coming together as a team to develop a service and philosophy that is second to none.

On-Site Eligibility Services
Liability/Lien Filing and Resolution Services
Denied/Suspension Claims Resolution
Disability Representation
Out of State Medicaid Billing

HSI's founder, with over 20 years experience within the Eligibility Services community, understands what hospitals expect of a revenue cycle solution or similar program. Continuous productivity, reliable reporting, consistent teamwork, and the ability to support the mission of our clients.

At Hospital Solutions, Inc. we understand that for a hospital reimbursement & revenue cycle solution or other program to be successful, it is imperative to develop relationships based on communication and earned trust. We have established relationships through hard work, consistent results, and a team approach with internal staff, clients, patients and the various County, State, and Federal employees which we deal with daily. Our Hospital Bad Debt Solutions and other services have excelled for this reason. Our team approach serves to strengthen our revenue cycle solutions and our other medical debt collections services.

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