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Social Security

HSI aggressively utilizes the numerous contacts developed over the years with Social Security, Administrative Law judges and medical professionals to expedite SSI claims to a positive conclusion. It is a truly "team approach" to success.

To assist in this program, HSI provides the following:

Quickly establish trust with patient and family
Hospital bedside or home interviews
Assistance with applications and other paperwork
Transportation to SSA office if needed
Evaluation of medical evidence to determine if inability to do any work for 12 months exists
Continual interaction with SSA by attending seminars throughout the state and use of the SSA internet web site (member of SSA electronic news update)
Use of elaborate systems of contacts with the SSA, Disability Determination Services and the Office of Hearings and Appeals
Follow-up with appeals system
Knowledge of Code of Federal Regulations to cite examples of court law to strengthen a claim