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Hospital Eligibility Services

On-site Patient Eligibility Screening Services

HSI provides hospital eligibility services via Eligibility Specialist(s) who conduct on-site screening of self-pay patients to determine the potential reimbursement from a Federal/Local program. We conduct these services as a community outreach program, assisting patients through the eligibility process. Our main payors consist of Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), County Indigent and Victims of Crime. Additionally, we provide lien services for those patient accounts whereby there is a third party liable for their injuries.

Our comprehensive hospital eligibility services include morning and afternoon review of daily inpatient/outpatient/ER self-pay census for potential interviews. We also visit patients/family at bedside to determine eligibility. We establish DHHS interviews for eligible patients and provide transportation as necessary. As you can see we are very patient focused and try to engender trust and respect from everyone we associate with.

Our Eligibility Services include:

Hospital Eligibility Services Focus

Maintain above industry-standard percentage of claims turned to reimbursable programs
Provide customized reports so requested by our clients
Dedicate knowledgeable staff and management to each program
Reconcile all accounts on a monthly basis
Offer competitive fees
Become part of our clients' "team"