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Self Pay Patient Assistance

Self Pay Patient Assistance, Bad Debt Solutions, Eligibility Services & More

Our Philosophy

HSI's working philosophy is simple. We outwork our competition with experienced, knowledgeable staff who are continually updated with the latest changes in the rules and regulations of our business. We encourage the use of field visits to assist patients to their caseworkers meetings, one area where many patient accounts slip through the cracks. Our staff consistently develops relationships with various Departments of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) caseworkers, supervisors and managers. These individuals are a part of the team, and their cooperation is imperative to the success of our programs.

We utilize a variety of connectivity software to receive eligibility verifications from each states Medicaid database and to also tie in with our clients systems for such things as referrals, updates, payment verifications and quality control of all onsite employees' daily activities.

What makes us different?

Approach to Teamwork

We work as an extension of your business services division and are an integral part of the hospital's day-to-day operations. As part of your team, both onsite and through outside management, we can better deliver innovative solutions that positively impact the communities we serve and your bottom line. This approach to teamwork helps to meet our goal of developing long-term client relationships.

Fast Account Turnaround

Through persistent follow-up, combining on-site and off-site visits with the patient and family members, we are dedicated to turning accounts as efficiently as possible. Additional support is offered through our call center, a screening operation which attempts patient contact nights and weekends allowing for greater patient contact. Equally beneficial is our close working relationships with State and Local Departments and the Department of Human Services, which can help to expedite the processes.

Dedication to Results

Our efforts have turned $1.4B in self pay probable bad debt into $297M in reimbursement for our hospital clients, helping in excess of 300,000 patients. HSI will not stop working for you until we reach the intended results. We are a goal-oriented, passionate group of professionals, eager to work hard and maintain productive and constant communication with our clients and their patients.